New track for Just Three Letters

After a long time since I haven't recorded, I finally succumbed to the urge of it.

It's actually a remake of a very old song of mine called “Laberinto”: it originally involved only two guitars and I'm pretty sure that this was my first attempt ever to do a multi-guitar arrangement, so it's quite basic. In the remake though, I've put around three more guitars (you'll hear'em around the middle), some strings and good ol' loops all around. I used it to substitute “xal” in the demo, now demoted to a b-side, because it's the only one in the demo that was kind of if-fy.

The official song's name now is “lbr” (to continue with the tradition of a three-letter-name-song demo), and you can find it in my public share; it's track number 13.

I've written about in earlier posts, if you're wondering what's that all about

Remember, it's a free download, all I'm asking in return is for you to comment about the song here and give me some feedback. Thanks and I hope you enjoy it.

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