Virginia y Luis Antonio

Have fun! You'll die tomorrow, and then what? Only stress and worries in your life. Have fun!

My new motto. Thanks, mum.

I think the main thing that comes to my parents is the fact that, odds are, there's going to be a point in time that they are not going to be here...

I don't think I'll be able to live without my parents, and, being an only child, it's kind of expected. We are programmed to branch out from them at a certain age (that is different for everybody, by the way) and live out 'our own lifes'. But isn't it kind of ironic to do that? I mean, you're being pampered at a certain point, but then you begin struggling to get pampered by someone else, or by noone at all. I know it's childish of me implying that we should stick to being supported by our parents, but when aren't we? Unless you have like a really indifferent family that let you go through your life without noticeable support, you really don't stop relying on them for guidance and wisdom. And even then, the support may just be unnoticeable...

I find that my parents are like the Oracle's prophecies in The Matrix: they, by themselves, don't lead the way or tell you what to do, but are more of a guide or vehicle of where you need to go. Even if you hate them completely (which is kind of common apparently), maybe that animosity needs to be there for you to reach your ultimate goal here.

Which leads me to the fact that I wanted to get out of this post: their purpose for me will be reached regardless of they being alive or not; they'll be there, here, in my head always telling me "have you taken a shower?", "have you washed your teeth?", "how was your day?", and, more importantly "have fun!"

Have fun or you're grounded!

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