Not composer...

I was asked by a person which I really don't have any respect for since I just known him for about three hours before this question:

Are you a musician?


What type of music do you currently play?

That's a really tough question...

Mmm... ok... is it your own or someone else's?

Well, it's most of my own.



It's a shame that I can't upload songs of mine up here, but at the same time it's a good thing. It may be best to maintain my repertoir in an anonymous situation: I don't think that I can take criticism even if it's constructive. I don't consider myself a composer, I'm very far from it... it takes an enormous amount of talent and time to be one, and I have neither. Nonetheless, I do know some people that are and I have received from them at least some recognition as a good interpreter of their music (which seems to be a good start). I've practically been trying to compose my own music since I started playing... which brings to the main topic of this post:

As in any art, I'm convinced that any person can create a song, just as any person can write a poem or do a painting... just, I don't know, it will seem to lack something if that person is just beginning. I hear my first songs from five years ago and it hurts to do so: such cornyness, such amateur, but I can't explain why I feel that way. It's still a song and the emotion that's behind it (as in any work of art) is a very valid one, which sums up for me (as I've thought from the beginning of my path through the arts) enough reasons to make a work of art, well, art. I mean, in theory, those songs should be ok for me, but there's something missing, something that doesn't make them... hearable; make that: pleasantly hearable. Maybe this is the key: I may not enjoy hearing them... maybe other people do. Hmpf... sounds too simple an answer.

I mean, c'mon! If you ask two different persons about what they think about Beethoven, it's probable that they will disagree in their opinions. It's common nature to be have an opinion about something, and even more so to have unique opinion about it. But still, there are some musical groups which seem to create a very good opinion in a large group of people (names of which will not be mentioned here because they're already mentioned elsewhere)... what makes that music more pleasantly hearable than mine in those early years? And I know it's more pleasant, I'm the best judge for it (it's my music).

What did they do? Hell! How can I do it? =)


Chuckie Pumpkinhead said...

Lack of common Sense, that's all you need. FUUUUUCK!
me caga leer en inglés, porque ya te estoy respondiendo en inglés.. bueno.. ni paper.

ORANGE is the World...

Caleb Rascon said...

No estoy de acuerdo... la ausencia de sentido comun es solo una manera de llegar un tema para una cancion, a lo mejor hasta el ritmo o alguna parte de la cancion. Pero que eso sea lo que me falte... digo, vamos, me conoces... no soy un hombre con mucho sentido comun.