New lady friend and co-worker...

It's odd, but there's something about the company of a girl that makes it so less tense in the work place. Her name is Monica (or, MoniK, just for the fun of it, hehe), and she's cool: continues on with our jokes, not just shouting "eww!" (y'know what I'm talking about).

She's our new designer. We're basically "using" her abilities for web design: we're three systems engineers and, although I believe we have a certain good sense of beauty and well-proportioned design, she does that for a living and is much better at that than we are. Even more so in the department in which she has more experience: Corporative Image, a concept that has to integrate and be congruent with the web page of that company (or corporation, if you will); so, yeah, she's great for the job.

But she brings so much more to the it than that: she's a new face, for one, so another's opinion is always good; she's very kind and enjoyable, so she makes coming to the office more entertaining; and she works on a mac... what else could you ask for in co-worker? Hehe, I hope I'm not jinxing this.

Even more so: she's kinda cute, and that's always a plus. Don't get me wrong, I mean, she has a boyfriend (a way older boyfriend) in a very serious relationship, so no dice, and no worries as well: seriously! I'm just glad that, for a change, I get to hang out with someone of the opposite sex in my workplace... I dunno, I always tend to enjoy more the company of the female kind; probably cuz I'm a guy, hehe. A guy that's been surrounded by a couple of other guys with no social life... like me, haha.

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