Deception and people

A friend of mine, that is known of being very trustful as well as trusty (y'know: that trusts everybody), recently told me that she's very dissapointed in people in general now. Her boss' a bitch, and other situations have aroused her untrustiness in other people.

I was in a very similar situation a long time ago (yeah, I always tend to talk about me... I'm an only child, so deal) and that got me thinking: have we all being in that situation? Many people that I've known that have being betrayed or heartbroken (which is not the same) always tend to a very intense disbelief in everybody. Like a shell of ice that grows outside the heart with protection purposes... the problem that I have with that is that that shell chokes it's inhabitant as well: the persons that I know have become very easily irritable and have lowered their expectations in life to a point that it becomes very hard to actually get up in the morning. And like ice, it grows very slowly so it's very difficult for one to notice it's appearance.

Mmm... interesting: that's me right now, but I still feel trustful... or do I? Woah! I think I have to sit down and think this through: I may not be the warm person that I think I am.

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