New mac mini...

A friend of mine bought a mac mini. We're in Mexico, so the the new Intel ones aren't on sale yet here... or are they?

When we went to the store to pick it up, after a fifteen-minutes-before phone call telling us that we could, a person answered that they were on lunch so she didn't have clearance to give it to us. I told her that they just called us... she told me it wasn't true. I ranted, I was enfuriated, I just hate it when people call me a liar without proof.

I told her when they'll come back, she told that me around 4. "Are you sure? I don't want to come back at 4 for you to tell me that they aren't here yet." She ranted, she was infuriated, and then told me that it was probably best for me to come back at 4:30. Hmpf... showed her.

This is another reason why we should set an Apple Store here in Queretaro, Mexico... yeah, that'll be beautiful.

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