new song (cover)

I've uploaded a new song onto my space... it's a pink floyd cover, je, guess which one...

I liked the way it came out: totally unexpected of what i've thought it would... like always i guess

interesting, that's something that i lot of musicians would say it's not the way to do it: a true musician has to know where (s)he wants the song to go, it's mood, and accomplish that... this accidental stuff is, well, accidental, not a true way of composing, and i totally agree: i'm not a composer, i'm just a guy banging on his guitar and lucky enough to have a Mac to record that

but, going back to the meaning of art (at least for me) as a medium of expressing internal feelings, some of which may not be obvious, it's important to note that it may not be as accidental as it may appear to be. Well, yeah, is not planned, if that's what you mean by "accidental", but that term also implies that if that person, for some reason, came back to that exact moment in time and, wanting to create a piece of music, creates something completely different. in that meaning, i don't agree it's purely accidental: the way it may come out indicates a lot of how the person's feeling, or wanting to feel, and if that person comes back to that exact moment in time (with the feelings (s)he experienced during it) i bet that that person will create something very similar.

so, yeah, i may not be a composer (who in the music business actually think (s)he as one?)... i know one, but that doesn't count, i know... but, at least, i let feelings out to become whatever they want to become... i'm a crybaby basically, jaja, cool

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