Makko Solutions

I'm working now. Probably the reason why I haven't posted in the last, what? year? Wow, lazy ass me, huh?

I was working in the mexican government as a systems engineer... who am I kidding?! I was working as a database administrator which, I know is a very honorable position, and I am very good at it, it just sucked the life out of me. I don't know: MS SQL Server is just a very bad database engine in my opinion.

Ironically, now I'm working on my own business, with three other partners. Our company is Makko Solutions, and I have to admit, even though the pay is much, much less than what I was making in the government and more hours (way more), it's more entertaining, more challenging, hell! I even have more fun. We build networks for companies, design websites, develop custom-sized software, and are planning to open an Automation and Electronics Department in the very near future.

It's quite exciting, which's good. My life right now is revolving around it, and I probably wouldn't be alive without it. Mmmm... this post is getting too personal to be just a cheap plug for my company... better leave this to the next post. =)

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