tired tired tired

it's been almost two weeks that i haven't slept well... it's partly my fault also (not just work): there some good movies late at night, ironically can't think of anyone, just (and this is so humiliating) ... ah!! i forgot it's name: it's of this six (or five) cheerleaders, and one of'em get's pregnant, so, somewhere in the plot they plan to rob a bank to help pay the bills... it's quite stupid movie, but there was this scene that really caught my eye:

one of the cheerleaders (the one with a bad ass family, her mom's in jail because she killed her dad) goes to visit her mom in jail to ask for pointers to rob the bank... this was the first time they ever saw each other (i think), so the girl tells the mom

"you must think that i'm some sort of nut, but, well, a friend of mine is pregnant"

"wow! before you? give me five!"

"yeah, hehe, thanks!" (not all sarcastically, actually she gave "five" back and all), "so we are planning to rob a bank to help her out....... i know, i know, i'm sorry that i'm wasting your time"

"no, no! i'm flattered: it's like you asking me to help out with your homework. here, let me introduce you to a friend of mine..."

and well, you can probably guess where that's heading... anyway, i don't know, the apple doesn't fall down far from the tree: and it's great. they're connected in some way, whatever way, i just loved that idea.

anyway, i get to go home early today: ninish, jeje... it's friday, so i guess i'll hit a party or something, lot of stress to whip out jeje

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