I almost forgot...

I've "broken up" with Bere... that's gota be the shortest in my life. Almost two days, but it's ok: what I wanted was some company not a relationship and I was forcing myself to see her as something more than a friend. The great thing about everything is that she understood; she seemed hurt, obviously, but we talked quite a lot after the news, so I'm guessing she'll be alright.

Now that I think about it, I never actually said that was going out with her here, did I? Ja, well yeah: she sought me out and confronted me like she always is (tenderly) and subtly swept in the subject. I thought about it and it seemed like a very good idea, so we went for it; but when I got home I kept feeling more and more... well... nothing. I realized that I didn't have feelings for her, at least not in that way: she send me messages, I replied forcing myself to see her as a girlfriend, but nothing came out as such, and only replied like friends do.

This is for the best, anyway. I'm doing my best to go to England around summer this year, so this relationship would've been very short (well, it was anyway, jaja) and probably very hurting, for both of us. It's weird, it's the first time that I brake up with someone but not feel anything, a sign that it would've been even worse for her than I originally thought.

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