Oh well... Blogger Widget nice, but not enough for me.

Nice widget, a little bit slow but it probably is my connection.

That last post was testing the use of HTML code to make the title link to another site, but apparently Blogger cut it off.

Although it's very robust, I think is taking too much space. Probably because I'm used to DashBlog that just uses the space of it's toolbar until it's used for real.

It also gives the ability the handle various blogs at the same time (as Dashblog). But it's very odd for it have the title as “optional”: I always put a title in my posts (except for the last one). And all the blogs I've read have them as well: why not put the URL for which the title is linked as optional? That's something that I wish DashBlog had (I always have to go to the Blogger Post Editor to add this). Or maybe I'm missing something.

I like the idea of having it to grow as the post becomes bigger than the widget, but for long posters like myself: it grows until is out of the screen. Add to that the fact that there's isn't way (at least not an obvious one) to resize the widget. The combinations is very frustrating, for example, right now, I have to move the widget up to keep typing, even though I put this widget in the middle of the screen.

All and all it does it's job very well, so I do recommend it for small, hobby posters. But I think I'm sticking to DashBlog. Sorry Google.

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