I gota admit: I really like my job

Look at me: I'm sitting here at Mexico's Airport, going home for Spring Break (yeah, I'm all backwards, I know), with nothing to do... and what do I do? Read ZDNet, Google Technology News, etc.

Probably I'm looking for a good rant, although I did the one for this week in advanced (or probably I could compensate for that week in which I didn't do one).

Oh well, good sign, nevertheless.

In other news, Manchester responded to my petition for a signature in a form that I needed to include in my scholarship petition to CONACYT... THAT I SEND A MONTH AGO!!! I put an equivalent paper in to replace it, but geez: couldn't that being done a little quicker? The thing that's worries me is that in the form they crossed the amount and put another one about 250 euros higher, I hope that doesn't provoke any problems with CONACYT as the amount that I'm asking for is not exactly the right one.

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