Interesting idea: Code for a Cause

I've applied to be a volunteer coder community... interesting idea. Basically, if some non-profit organizations need a web page, they can seek out coders willing to give their energy and time to create it for them (click on the title for more information).

This is my profile, which struck me as an awaited surprise when I finish typing it:

"I'm a software and web developer working in my own company: Makko Solutions ( I find this project interesting and I love to code.

Work style and preferences:
My specialty is debugging and finding solutions to complex problems. I find complementing/solving others' work very rewarding. But, because it is not my work, I do try to check back and get the owner's opinion on it as much as I can; many people have found that a little annoying.

My main goal while coding is functionality covering all the types of scenarios I can think of (mainly, security). After that, I revise and recode to guarantee a certain level of efficiency while maintaining the functionality of the last step. Then, I go through the test phase: giving beta versions to friends, colleagues, and volunteer remote beta testers and note whatever seems prudent in their opinions or comments. And finally, do the necessary changes to take in the notes I took in the last step.

I also like to work directly on the server while maintaining a backup copy locally on my computer, unless that I'm asked not to do so. Thus, I can also work on the backup copy locally, and then upload, but I rather see the final product while I'm working on it.

Finally, I work on Mac and love it. Don't be afraid to discuss whatever issue revolving this topic (or whatever topic): I love a good technical or philosophical debate. =)"

Hehe, cool!

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